Vertical Dryer

This vertical dryer is used for drying coal briquettes, and it has the features of convenient operation and easy maintenance. This dryer has no mechanical running part, so it needs less daily maintenance. Owns the characteristics of continuous operation, high efficiency, large capacity, high automation degree and reliable operation, our vertical dryer can save labor, reduce labor intensity, save yard and expand production capacity.

Vertical dryer is designed for the dehydration of briquettes and pellets. It has reasonable design, high thermal efficiency, good drying effect and adjustable air volume.
This type vertical dryer is made of steel structure, inner lining adopts heat preservation materials to keep warm, multilayer high temperature castings are adopted in the roaster.
There are vibration system, interception system, temperature control system and intelligent control system installed on some relevant parts of the machine. Vapor and smoke are collected with the application of a draught fan and a cyclone dust collector.


Model TL-V1800 TL-V2200 TL-V2600 TL-V2800 TL-V3200
Capacity 2-3t/h 3-5t/h 6-8t/h 8-10t/h 10-14t/h
Dry time 2-2.5h 2-2.5h 2-2.5h 2-2.5h 2-2.5h
Inlet moisture 8-12% 8-12% 8-12% 8-12% 8-12%
Outlet moisture 1.5-3% 1.5-3% 1.5-3% 1.5-3% 1.5-3%
Power 11kw 18.5kw 22kw 37kw 45kw
Consumption ≤40kg/h ≤100kg/h ≤150kg/h ≤180kg/h ≤230kg/h
Temperature 200-260°c 200-260°c 200-260°c 200-260°c 200-260°c
Operator 2 people/turn 2 people/turn 2 people/turn 2 people/turn 2 people/turn
Remarks Coal caloric value is more than 5000 calories
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