Sawdust Dryer

Airflow Type Dryer


Introduction of Hot Airflow Type Dryer:
Hot airflow type dryer, also called pipeline dryer, adopting twice circulate heating system, is our newly advanced drying equipment. It shows the features of automatic feeding, high hot airflow speed, fully mixing of airflow and materials, big drying strength, lower dust and large capacity. Less than 50% moisture of raw materials can be drying one time to meet the requirement for coal bar production, which greatly reduced the labor intensity compared with commonly used dryer.

1. The dryer is suitable for drying materials of moisture 20-70%.
2. The dryer is suitable for drying materials like sawdust, rice hull, milling wheat straw, corn stalks and so on.
3. The dryer is equipped with two fuel boilers, inlet, steel pipe, exhaust blower (fan), air lock and cyclone.
4. Wet materials are input into the hopper. The fuel boiler generates hot air which mixes with wet materials and then is sucked into the pipes by the exhaust blower (fan) quickly. And then hot air is flowing and going though the curving pipes and buffer (drying chamber) of dryer, thus wet materials is finished to dry, and the dried materials are discharged from the outlet with air lock.
5. This wood dryer reduces the moisture to 8-12%.
6. Clients can change the angle of dryer base on the production field.
7. This dryer is usually used for biomass charcoal making plant and pellet making plant.


Type Power Capacity Inlet Size Dimension
Large-sized 18.5KW 1500KG/H ≤5mm 20.0×3.2×5.0m
Middle-sized 7.5KW 500KG/H ≤5mm 18.0×3.0×5.0m
Small-sized 4KW 150KG/H ≤5mm 8.5×1.5×3.5m

Rotary Dryer

Introduction of Rotary Dryer:
Rotary type dryer shows the features of perfect drying effect, easy operation,high efficiency and easy control of drying. it takes advantage of the stability of roller and homogeneity of air. This equipment makes the combination of roller and pipes which increase the drying strength and reduce the manual power. This is the ideal equipment for drying materials with high humidity.


Type Power Capacity Weight Dimension
TL-T950 7.5KW+7.5KW 1200KG-1500KG/H 5.5T 18.3x1.5x5m
TL-T620 4KW+5.5KW 500KG-800KG/H 3T 15.6x1.2x3.3m
TL-T400 4KW+5.5KW 300KG-500KG/H 2T 15.6x1.0x3.3m


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