Wood Crusher

Large-sized wood sawdust mill is an advanced fine grinding device. Based on the advantages of many crushing machines, this sawdust mill was developed by making full use of the principle of shock, cutting, impacting and milling.
When the sawdust milling machine is working, the raw materials can be grind effectively, and it is low noise, non-pollution, easy operation and convenient maintain.
This kind of wood sawdust milling machine can process pine tree, eucalyptus, poplar, fir tree, bamboo and thatch, corn stalk and similar fiber materials. It also can be used for making shaving board, wood particle board and the other high density wood board.
In addition, this machine has the characteristic of high output, low consumption, high efficiency and uniform crushing.


Model TL-G400 TL-G600 TL-G800 TL-G1000
Power of main engine 18.5kw 30/37kw 45/55kw 55/75kw
Capacity 450-1000kg/h 1000-2000kg/h 2500-3500kg/h 5000-5500kg/h
Grinding cutter 20pcs 20pcs 54pcs 54pcs
Fineness 4-20mesh 4-20mesh 4-20mesh 4-20mesh
Floor space 5 m2 7 m2 9 m2 12 m2
Dimension 1.85x1.2x0.92m 2.6x1.6x1.25m 2.9x2.1x1.5m 3.2x2.7x1.68m
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