Double Stage Crusher
Double-stage-crusher1  double-stage-crusher2

This series of machines, applying to the mining and mineral processing plant, is effective in improving production efficiency and economic profit. As we all know, the energy consumption statistics for traditional ore crushing: ore extraction is 3%-5%, crushing job is around 5%-7%, 85%-90% is for grinding job. So reducing the grinding consumption will be the direct and effective way to improve profits. With the very small outlet particle size, complete ore disintegrate, removing a lot of impurities, enriching a large number of mineral composition, our double-stage crusher reducing the amount of grinding materials, improve the grinding efficiency up to 50%, and greatly improve the economic benefits of mineral processing.


Model Inlet Size Outlet Size Capacity Inlet Moisture (%) Power (KW) Dimension
(T/H) (M)
2PC1600x1400 ≤250 ≤3mm 152-180 <20 200+200 6.0x3.1x3.9
2PC1400x1200 ≤250 0.5-0.075mm: 50% 100-150 <20 132+160 5.8x2.66x3.21
2PC1200x1000 ≤250 0.6-1.2mm: 35% 80-100 <20 110+132 4.86x2.23x2.55
2PC1100x1000 ≤200 1.3-3mm: 15% 60-90 <20 90+110 4.086x2.03x2.337
2PC900x800 ≤120   50-70 <20 55+75 3.95x1.75x2.28
2PC800x700 ≤120   45-60 <20 55+55 3.485x1.4x2.254
2PC800x600 ≤120   35-55 <20 45+55 3.625x1.314x2.065
2PC600x600 ≤110   20-30 <20 22+22 2.875x1.3x1.65
2PC600x400 ≤100   15-25t/h <20% 18.5+22kw 2.35x0.926x1.63m


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