Coal Extruder



Coal extruder is the device of using the screw extrusion principle to squeeze the powder materials  (chemical materials, refractory materials, cement materials iron ore, copper or other metallurgical materials) into certain density stick shape briquettes (round, rectangular, hexagonal, plum-flower, triangular etc.) with or without hole in the middle. It is also an ideal equipment for large, medium and small smelting plant, refractory plant, coal processing industry, fertilizer plant, chemical plant, boiler, blast furnace, gas producer, shaft kiln, cement plant etc. Using coal extruder can make full use of coal resources, and in the production process, it can reduce the fuel cost and improve the calorific value of coal, which increase the efficiency greatly.

Technical Parameters

Model Power Capacity Speed Outlet diameter Helical blade Dimension
TL-140 11kw 1-2 ton/h 46-60 r/min 15-50mm 4pcs 2000x1230x1380mm
TL-180 22kw 2-3 ton/h 39-60 r/min 20-60mm 4pcs 2230x1000x850 mm
TL-220 55kw 4-6ton/h 35-60 r/min 20-80mm 4pcs 2500x1025x900mm
TL-300 75kw 6-8ton/h 35-60 r/min 20-80mm 4pcs 3605x1025x955mm
TL-450 90kw 8-12 ton/h 132 r/min 20-150mm 4pcs 5130x1520x1480mm
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